Category: Shear Slitting

Versa 18: Duplex Differential Slitter Rewinder

Versa 18 Duplex Differential Slitter Rewinder

The slitter rewinder shown above is a smaller version of our own in-house slitting machine. This machine has the capability to cut various materials using razor, score, or shear blade slitting methods. It can also be fitted for hot-knife slitting.   

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Used: VSR-74-R-S-C: VSR Slitting Machine

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Foil Slitting Machine


The Foil Slitting Machine seen here was modeled off of our very own CCSR but designed and built specifically to unwind, slit, and rewind foils and films.  

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CSR Compact III: Duplex Slitter Rewinder


The COMPACT III Slitter Rewinder, or CSR III, is designed to be a rugged machine built to handle the day-to-day production for smaller rolls. This machine can be easily set-up and run by one operator. The design keeps the web path as short as possible to avoid any contaminants, scratching, or wrinkles that can be introduced to the web when 

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